We are a family owned business founded in 1999. We started small and were not dustless. I
was always proud of my work and really cared about the finished result. The time I spent
wiping down walls and vacuuming, I still couldn’t seem to get a perfectly uncontaminated finish.
Thanks to the Atomic DCS, we can be proud of our finishes. We know now, that NO ONE in the
industry can do a better, cleaner, smoother finished floor. A Dustless System is
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Airborne dust will settle in your Finish if a system like ours is not
used. We WILL NOT BE BEAT in price or quality, this is our Guarantee! Hardwood floors
are a hot commodity. Why cover it with carpet when you can finish it and have a life long
lasting floor. Hardwood Floors just cannot be beat by any other flooring in the world. Bring
the beauty back to your Wood or have us install a beauty that will last a lifetime!
Hardwood Floors are an investment, not a loss in money. Carpet is a loss, it stains, wears, has
no resale value and most important, it harvests mold, mildew, bacteria and pests.. Besides,
your rooms will be more soothing, calming, subtle and will appear much larger, not to
mention the health benifits. You can see the dirt on a hardwood floor and dust it up, you’ll
never get a carpet clean! NEVER!!!!!!!!

As consumers have become aware of their dust-free sanding choice and don’t want to put up with the mess, dust containment has become an expected service. The Atomic DCS is the ultimate for dust-free sanding, providing:

*Increased customer satisfaction-eliminates the nightmare of dust throughout the

*Higher quality results by eliminating airborne dust that would settle back down
into the finish

*Dramatic increases in the speed and efficiency of the sanding process

*Healthier living conditions-wood dust is a known carcinogen

Dustless Sanding