Welcome to the Atomic Dustless Containment System. If you really want a DUSTFREE
refinish, the refinisher must own a TRAILER MOUNTED ATOMIC DCS. We are 99% Dust
free,no other system on earth is more powerful. Not even the 110 Electric Atomic
DCS which is a smaller system that runs inside your home like all the others,
next best but is 85%. There is no such thing as 100% Dustless. Anyone claiming that, you should walk away, because “HONESTY”, is credibility
and shows professionalism. This is extremely important in this field of business. Our system
is a 27 HP Kawasaki Engine mounted on a trailer. Hoses are run into your home and are
attached to the sanding equipment. There is no airborn dust, so you don’t need to hang
plastic and cover everything up. This is not your common dust containment system other
companys claim as dustless. Vacuums attached to a sander inside your home is not
really dustless. When the container is full or when the filter is clogged, guess how they
know? you got it, when it blows sawdust all over your home. And then they usually empty
it inside your home. Others have a bag attached to the machines and call it dustless.
NOT TRUE. With the Atomic Dustless Containment System, you need not worry
about that, if it gets full, the dust is contained outside in the trailer, NOT your home. And is
always emptied outside. This is Truly Dustless. CLICK ON CATAGORIES AT THE TOP TO

Dustless Sanding

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Servicing: Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Fraser, Warren, Clawson, Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Troy, Utica,  Macomb, Shelby Township,
Washington Township,Rochester, Rochester Hills.

Dustless Sanding